Hi!  I’m Dianne, the owner of Merc Collective.  I’m a wife, mom, business owner, collector of necessary luxuries and a dream chaser.  

All of the products found on Merc Collective are brands that I own and use on a regular basis.  I consider each product a necessity as each one makes any day a bit more luxurious!

Our oldest daughter, Reagan passed away in April 2021.  Thinking about Merc Collective served as a distraction for me as her health declined.  It was a happy and creative way that I could escape the realities we were facing.  As I began talking with my husband about my day dream distraction, he encouraged me to make it a reality...and here we are!

It has always been important to me to support small businesses, and Merc Collective gives me a platform to do that.  The majority of Merc items come from female owned small business, and many of these small batch products have been made in the USA.  

I’m so excited to connect you with some new, exciting, luxurious products, I am certain you will love them as much as I do.  Welcome to Merc Collective!