Wow.  Who knew some sleepy academic village not far from London could be hiding so many salacious secrets?

The fully developed characters in this novel include an extremely young mother, a very spoiled, uber-rich girl, and an author of detective stories.  Love, hate, scheming ambition, regret, and death are among the themes in Lisa Jewell’s latest thriller which stretches over a two-year period, using flashbacks and flash forwards to slowly unveil the emotions and motives that move the story along.

This book is very readable.  It grabbed and held my attention…something that many books cannot do of late.  I don’t like repetition, and I don’t like pages and pages of internalizing on the part of the author/narrator or the characters.  I like action.  This book has plenty of action.  If you don’t read it all in one day, you will find yourself getting up before dawn to finish it the next morning.  


- Reviewed by Mary Skowronski

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