Bezzazan Mystical XL Towel


Your beach days just got better with these beautiful, compact, and sand free towels. Forget about bulky, heavy beach towels - these pack up small and dry in minutes!

Incredibly soft and breezy, Mystical XL towel features two-sided reversible tribal design, boarded with airy fringe trim. Bring it out to lounge on for a relaxing day under the sun, and once the chilly air sets in, wear it as a chic shawl. When at home, add a touch of style to your decor by draping it over patio furniture, or tossing it on bed. Our towels are crafted to be an essential beach accessory, but their versatility is limitless.

Approx. 51" x 69" (130cm x 175cm)

Crafted in Turkey

100%  Cotton

About Bezzazan

Meet your modern-day nomads, a small multicultural family who’s wandered near and far. We enjoy getting out and exploring beauty of the outdoors, experiencing different cultures, and learning about the way life works in new destinations. We created Bezzazan to embody this free-spirited lifestyle with the most versatile products you’ll ever find – Turkish towels & throw blankets. Whether you’re soaking up sun at the beach, enjoying a scenic hike, a beach picnic, or cozying up by a fireplace, bring one of our unique peshtemals along to enhance your experience!

We believe in sustainability, connecting oneself with nature and the world as a whole. With your support, we contribute to preservation of traditional Turkish craftsmanship and invest into environment for the future generations. Our mission is to provide you with our one-of-a-kind products, while preserving beauty of the Mother Earth. By joining hands with National Forest Foundation and Eco-friendly shipping supplies brand NoIssue, we plant trees in areas of need with every product sold. Discover these wonderful peshtemals for yourself, and see why we love them so.

Dianne's Thoughts

We recently brought a couple of the Bezzazan Towels with us on vacation to Nantucket and I can fully attest to how amazing these towels are.  The sand shakes right off, even when the towel is wet!  It was amazing!  

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