The Laundress Laundry Detergent - Way Out West


If you’re into fashion, you should be into fabric care. Just ask laundry aficionado and Grammy award-winning John Mayer, who teamed up with The Laundress to create Way Out West Laundry Detergent, an expertly-crafted formula infused with a fine fragrance for your threads. This all-purpose, plant-derived detergent delivers clothes that look, feel, and smell their absolute best, with ingredients that brighten, preserve color, and remove stains.

“I first discovered The Laundress products over six years ago, and we aligned so organically on the philosophy that if you love fashion, you should be into fabric care,” said John Mayer. “I find something so meditative about the process, which makes laundry day a very soothing ritual for me. Way Out West is an extension and embodiment of that passion, and I am so proud to introduce everyone to the new collection.” - John Mayer

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